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How Do Insurance Claims Work?

Insurance claims can be complicated and confusing. Raisin Contracting will work with you to make sure you are set up to ask the right questions and get the support you need. We are committed to helping you feel confident while you work with your insurance company.

Who Do I Contact For An Insurance Claim?

First, we suggest talking to your agent and determining if a claim should be filed. Once your claim is opened, the experienced Raisin Contracting team will ensure that you have all the information you need to work confidently with your insurance carrier on your claim. Just in case you need it, here is a list of important customer claim department numbers. Make sure to have your policy number handy if you call.

  • Accuity:
  • Ameriprise:
  • StateFarm:
  • Allstate:
  • Farmers:
  • Safeco:
  • LibertyMutual:
  • Progressive Home Insurance:
  • FarmBureau:
  • Travelers:
Once I Have Approved The Work By Raisin Contracting, When Will My Work Be Scheduled?

Scheduling can vary depending on your insurance company’s approval, product availability and weather. You will be notified by a project manager by phone, text or email regarding your scheduled project start-date. This typically happens 2-3 days before the project is started. We make every effort to coordinate scheduling at your convenience.

As A Homeowner, What Should I Do To Prepare For The Start Of My Project?

While Raisin Contracting makes every effort to minimize the impact to your home and your daily activities, there will be some unavoidable disruption. Particularly when your roof is replaced, there can be a significant amount of noise and vibration, especially during the removal of the existing roof. It is always a good idea to remove photographs, art, and other valuables from your walls and securely store them. China and other breakable items stored near exterior walls should also be secured.
If you have small children, please remember that nap time can be difficult while roofers are at your home, and other plans may be necessary. Pets should also be secured inside your home to avoid possible injury due to falling debris during removal.

It is always a good idea to inform your immediate neighbors that your work is pending.

While we make every effort to ensure that debris that may fall across property lines is promptly collected, it is possible that something may be missed. A quick call to our office is all that is required, and we will immediately come by and correct the problem. You can also advise your neighbors that we will inspect their adjacent property during our final inspection and cleanup as well.

How Is My Home Protected While The Work Is Completed?

For the safety of your home, Raisin Contracting uses an industry best-practice device called a Catch-AllTM to cover and protect your windows, siding etc. while the old roof is removed. This netting device catches debris, nails, shingles, etc., giving us a better ability to ensure that your property looks as good when we leave as it did when we arrived.

What’s The Average Build Time For My Project?

Each trade type typically has its own timeframe. Depending on the size of the roof, we can normally complete the replacement in a long day, but we may need two days for final completion. Siding installation does take much longer but can generally be completed in a week. Your project manager will communicate with you regarding your specific planned timeframe.

Once Installed, What’s The Life Expectancy Of My New Roof?

There are numerous shingle types and manufacturers available, but the typical installation has an expected product life span of thirty years or longer. That does not account, however, for future storm damage that may occur.

Are The Crews Working On My Home Registered And Insured?

Raisin Contracting has a 100% compliance policy regarding registration and insurance. Every tradesman that works on your home has been verified to be current on all registrations and applicable insurance requirements.

Will The Crew Working On My Home Need To Come Inside?

We make sure that all our crews have everything they need, including access to a restroom. Unless we are installing your windows/doors, there is never a reason for anyone to need entrance to your home.

Please Feel Free To Call Us With Any Additional Questions - Thanks!

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